Pet-Friendly Package


Recognizing pets as cherished family, we joyfully invite them to our hotel. This voucher welcomes 1 pet per room, reaffirming our commitment to their comfort.

Contact our reservations at [email protected] to plan your stay.

Voucher Image

– A fee of 500.- Thai Baht including taxes, per night, per pet will be charged. Same shall be added to the room rate (maximum 2 pets per room).
– Only small pets (Cats and Dogs) are allowed. Pets up to 15 Kgs will be permitted.
– The pet must be on a leash at all times unless in the room.
Pets are allowed only in the designated area and room. Pets are not allowed in public areas, including Food & Beverage outlets, Swimming Pool, and Fitness Centre.
– The guest has to be present in the room when any housekeeping service is required, and the pet is inside.
– The guest is responsible for cleaning up after the pet defecates within the hotel premises.
– Guests must walk their pets in designated walk areas inside the hotel premises.
– A Pet Disclaimer is a mandatory document to be signed by all resident guests being accompanied by Pets at the time of check-in.
– Vaccination Certificate must be presented